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Seeded by the Horned God

Cordova Skye


A Fertile Spring Fantasy…

A visit to an ancient dig site seems like the perfect way for Del to escape her overbearing guardian and the stress of earning her degree. But when she arrives at the site, she finds not scientists but the deity himself: Cernunnos, god of fertility and the hunt.

Claimed by the stag-antlered god as his mate, Del finds herself swept away from the modern world and allowed to be her truest, most primal self, mate and mother to the children of the horned god.

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“They are here,” Cernunnos replied. “But they are not here now. Only you are here, in this place, in this time. As it was ever meant to be.”

He stepped away from the tree, into the sunlight, claws digging into the soil with each stride, his gaze hungry and wanting. It should have been frightening, being approached by a creature beyond natural laws, neither man nor beast, but instead Del felt a tremor of anticipation slide through her, pooling warm and liquid in her belly.

Briefly, she wondered if this was nothing more than a dream, but then the god drew near enough that she could see the fine hairs which dusted his chest, breathe in the musky, masculine scent of him. Feel the warmth of his body across the inches which still separated them.

“Why bring me here?”

He reached out, his fingers brushing against her cheek, the simple touch sending a jolt all through her. “You know why.”

Del felt her panties grow wet, the liquid heat in her belly sliding lower, quivering through her pussy as her body reacted to his touch, to his very presence. “Yes,” she gasped. She might not know why he had chosen her, but what he wanted from her was clear.

“And do you accept, mortal woman?” he asked, his fingers stroking her cheek, tracing across her lips.

Del knew it was madness; knew the smart thing to do would be refuse. Would he let her leave if she did? Would she find herself back in her own world, surrounded by researchers? Or would she be lost in some timeless land?

It didn’t matter, because refusing him was the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted to feel his hands on her body, she wanted to know everything he might have to offer.

“I do,” she said softly. “I accept your claim.”

He smiled, leaning down to catch her lips with his, the crown of his antlers casting a shadow across her, the chains chiming softly as they swayed. “Then come,” he said. “Speak to me your name and be welcome in my temple.”