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Served to the Harvest Gods


When Lex goes to visit her grandmother’s farm, she’s expecting a quiet vacation and an old-fashioned Thanksgiving. But what her grandmother has in mind is something even more old fashioned: serving Lexi up to the fertility gods of the valley, so that she can bear the next generation of their young.

Lex doesn’t know it, but she’s in for the night of her life…a night that will have belly-swelling results.

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Hands caught her limbs, rolling her onto her back, and the hypnotic sensation she’d experienced when the women were singing stole over her again. She lay panting, staring at the sky; clouds hid the stars, but the moon shone fat and golden overhead.

Half a dozen men crouched around her, naked, their broad, bare chests gleaming in the moonlight. Their faces were wrong, she thought, too long and narrow, too wild looking, too identical, beneath hair that hung straight and pale as the dried grasses around them. Their eyes gleamed strangely in the light, like cat eyes, gold and slit pupiled.

Lying on her back with them above her, Lex couldn’t help seeing that they were all enormous, their half-hard cocks rapidly engorging to a size any porn star would envy. She whimpered, chest tight with fear, heart pounding, but beneath the fear she couldn’t silence the little voice that wondered what it would be like to be impaled on those enormous shafts. Could she take it? Could any woman?

Were they even human?