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Bride of the Goblin King

Cordova Skye


Plunge into a nightmare…

Average. That was Nikki’s life until the fateful night she left a Halloween party with something…other than human. Before she knows it, her simple club hookup has turned into something else, and she is trapped in another world, where her future – and body – belong to the Goblin King.

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Hands pulled at her costume again, and Nikki rolled onto her side, struggling to her feet. There must be at least a dozen midgets, all of them green-skinned, and in this light - no longer the pulsing, colored lights of the club, or the half lighting of the corridor they’d kidnapped her from - the green didn’t look like makeup, and their features didn’t look entirely human. Sharp features and narrow, catlike eyes gave them all an inhuman cast, and in addition to the sharp teeth they were baring in delight, their fingers were unnaturally long, tipped in nails sharp enough to resemble claws on some of them.

The flimsy fabric of her costume tore easily beneath those claws, leaving her ass and legs bare as she staggered to her feet. Nikki staggered on the uneven ground, only making it a few yards before they tripped her and took her down again. One of them planted himself on the small of her back and fondled her bare ass; in spite of the panicky pounding of her heart, Nikki found herself pushing up into that touch.

“She is ripe and delicious,” a voice from somewhere near her hip said. “He will be pleased.”

“If you finish preparing her,” the first midget said, and Nikki found her arms and legs held tightly to the ground while the rest of her clothing was clawed open.

When they rolled her over, she rolled right off her clothes, which lay in a pile of scraps. The creatures holding her looked even less human now, long tongues lolling out of their mouths like dogs, noses twitching as they sniffed the air. They had shed their clothes, as well, and the ring of hard cocks surrounding her was out of proportion to their diminutive size. Nikki’s breath caught in a sob, and she couldn’t tell if the roaring in her ears was panic or the rush of blood through her aching cunt.