Her Warchief

Roxie Sparks


My name’s Alexis. A week ago I had a normal life – college classes, a job, an apartment, everything you’d expect.

Then I woke up in another world where the stuff of fantasy books is reality.

I’ve been captured and carted to the auction block but a strapping big orc named Kargar just secured my freedom. He says I’m his mate, that we’re destined for each other – I don’t know what to think, but he makes me feel safe and cared for and the way he touches me is the stuff of a girl’s fantasies. My mind says I should be looking for a way home, but my heart is falling for the orc Warchief who’s claimed me as his own.

Her Warchief is an insta-love fated mates fantasy short with a scorching hot alpha orc chieftain, lots of happy romping in bed, and a HEA.

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