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Kimberly’s Surprise Party

Cordova Skye


Innocent Kimberly doesn’t understand why her parents are so strict about how she dresses and who she spends time with, until her 18th birthday. She wakes up from her party groggy from drugs, and in a room she doesn’t recognize.

Years before, Kim’s father promised to deliver her – pure and untouched – to his boss, rather than face charges for embezzlement. Now, Kim is the prized possession of a man who’s rich enough to do whatever he wants…and what he wants is to fill her fertile young body with his potent seed.

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Ask me to undress you, and then get into bed.” He leaned in closer; Kimberly turned her face away as he kissed her neck. “Tonight, I will make you a woman, open you and plant my child inside you. And once you are irrevocably mine, your training can begin properly.”

Kimberly shivered, feeling sick. “Yes, master,” she whispered, barely able to force the sound out. “Please... please undress me.”

“You will learn to ask with more enthusiasm,” he said, but his hands were already on her skimpy top, easily stripping it off her and letting it drop to the floor. Briefly, he palmed her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over the nipples, and this time the shiver that ran through her was one of pleasure. He played with them for a few moments before running his hands down over her stomach and tugging the too-short skirt over her hips and down her legs. His hands slid back up her thighs more slowly, as if he savored the touch, and when he ended one of his hands was between her legs, lightly stroking her folds.