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Grace’s Special Project

Cordova Skye


After developing a revolutionary fertility drug for livestock, one with a nearly 100% conception rate, Dr. Grace Johansson is thrilled to have her hard work recognized. A month long vacation on her boss’s private island seems like the perfect way to unwind, and if one of the perks is a little quality time with the sexy billionaire in charge, she’s not going to complain. At least, not until she learns that he belongs to an exclusive club, one filled with men dedicated to spreading their seed, and he intends for Grace to be the first human test subject of her own drug.

Before she knows it, Grace’s belly is swelling…and her boss is going to make sure she enjoys every fertile second of her new life.

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Andy made a pleased sound against her mouth as the kiss broke. “You may make a note, Dr. Johansson, that one effect of the formula plus alcohol appears to be enhanced libido.”

Grace knew that should upset her, some part of her objecting to her body being subjected to a drug-induced haze of lust, but most of her was far more interested in dragging him close again. Andy yielded willingly, continuing to kiss and touch while he led her back to his room. His hands were already inside her dress; he peeled it off her in a few easy motions once the door had closed, pushing her onto the bed in nothing but her lace bra and panties.

“You are beautiful, my dear doctor,” he said, eyes raking over her with a heat she could feel.

Grace stretched out on the bed, luxuriating in that attention, hands coming up to cup and tease her breasts. “You like what you see?” she asked, thumbing her tight nipples through the thin fabric. Even coming from her own hands, the touch drove heat through her, pooling and throbbing between her legs, her thong doing nothing to hide her wet, aching arousal.