Trade Negotiations
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Trade Negotiations

Diplomatic Relations – 2

Haven Moorcox




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Everyone knows the fierce, powerful Xu’aard have an unorthodox style of negotiation, but their planet contains riches unknown in other parts of the galaxy. Avril Morheim wants those riches – and the beautiful trader is banking on the Xu’aard weakness for human women to get her what she wants.

Before she can fill her ship with treasure, though, the inexperienced star captain is going to have to let the alien warriors guarding the planet fill her untouched body with their potent essence, not just once, but until their entire crew is satisfied.


The alien airlock cycled open, and I got my first real look at the men I was about to give my body to.

Three of them were there to greet me, all of them tall and broad chested, their form-fitting garments leaving nothing at all to the imagination. I dragged my eyes up from the obvious bulges between their legs, and discovered they were handsome, with sculpted features and skin ranging through various shades of gold and bronze, like statues come to life.

The tallest one stepped forward with a small bow. “I am Captain Edrev,” he said. “You are Avril Morheim?”

I nodded, tongue tied. I’d never seen anyone as gorgeous as the alien standing in front of me, and I desperately wanted to reach out and touch him. “I’m Avril Morheim,” I finally managed to croak, when it was clear they were waiting for more than a nod. “I’m here to…” I swallowed back the words ‘get fucked senseless’. “I’m here to negotiate for a shipping and export contract.”