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Seeding the Thief

Fertile Fairy Tales – 2

Cordova Skye




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Once upon a time, there lived a clever thief called Aladdin.

Life is hard for a thief on the streets, and even moreso for a woman. Orphaned and unprotected, Aladdin disguises her gender from all eyes until a sorcerer threatens to reveal the truth. His payment for silence is the theft of a simple oil lamp, but when he doublecrosses her Aladdin discovers that there is nothing ‘simple’ about the lamp or the genie it holds – a genie now bound to her every wish and wildest desire. Not content with wealth and status alone, Aladdin asks everything of her magical benefactor and may gain more than she ever dreamed in return.

Seeding the Thief is over 5000 words of sweet and spicy romantic erotica, containing fantastic impregnation and accelerated pregnancy.


At length, Aladdin turned to the lamp for aid. With her morning bath still damp on her skin, she drew it from its hiding place and caressed it with hands that were now as smooth as the silks she wore. “Genie,” she cried, “I have one more task for you.”

The servant manifested immediately, somehow looking larger and more powerful than she remembered. “What is it you wish, my lady?”

“I know now what it is like to live as a grand lady,” Aladdin said, “but I still lack something. I want to know what it feels like to be a woman.”

“By your will,” the genie said, his voice low and intense, his eyes seeming to devour her. Nothing else seemed to happen for long moments, and then the hazy figure coalesced into something very, very solid…and, Aladdin realized with a gasp, very naked.

“Permit me to be the one who fulfills your wish, my lady,” the genie said, his voice like rich velvet.