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Seeding the Rose


Once upon a time, a cursed beast lived in an isolated manor house…

Innocent Rose only wants a little adventure. Instead, when her father takes her away from their modest home, it’s to turn her over to a monstrous beast, in payment for the flower he took from the creature’s garden.

The beast wants to free himself of his curse by passing it on to his heir. Each night, he takes Rose’s body, his less than gentle attentions awakening a passion in his unwitting guest that she never imagined or wanted.

Rose must agree to bear his child before his monstrous seed can take root in her fertile womb. Will she say yes to her cursed lover? Does she have the courage to give birth to a beast?

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Her words had no effect. His claws taught her skirt, tearing it to ribbons that cascaded around her, allowing the air to chill her bare thighs. It freed her legs to kick at him, but that had as little effect as her words, and after the first few blows landed she found her legs caught.

The beast’s massive paws were large enough to wrap entirely around her calves, allowing him to easily pull her legs apart. Rose shrieked, her face flushing hot as the beast leaned down, snuffling noisily along her thighs to her womanhood. She struggled, thrashing, realizing too late that her movements only bared her to him, raising her hips nearer his muzzle.

The realization made her go still, whimpering, acutely aware that only the faintest scraps of cloth preserved even a fragment of her modesty. The beast grunted as if satisfied by her stillness, and the paws wrapped around her legs let go...only to slide up her thighs a moment later, up her thighs and further, cupping the globes of her backside and lifting her so that he could thrust his elongated muzzle into the juncture of her legs.