Establishing Contact
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Establishing Contact

Diplomatic Relations – 1

Haven Moorcox




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Kennedy Drake is an expert at first contact negotiations, a diplomatic prodigy at the age of 20, and she knows it. When a newly-encountered humanoid race demands the best Earth has to offer, the arrogant ice-queen is the obvious choice.

To Kennedy’s shock, the Xu’aard have a hot and shockingly raw negotiating style, one that thaws the aloof professional and reveals the inexperienced woman beneath. She has no choice but to be pushed beyond her limits and take everything a shipload of rough and ready warriors have to offer, in every one of her untouched openings.


“You must do things differently on your planet,” Zadren said. “But you see, among my people, no important meeting can begin until a certain…familiarity…has been reached.”

“Is that so?” I frowned, but my heart was beating faster at the proximity of these two alien gods. I swallowed, trying to keep my professional facade in place. “And what sort of familiarity might you require?”

Duavet reached out, his big hand settling on my shoulder, driving heat through me as it trailed down my arm. “Physical intimacy,” he rumbled, making me shudder.

Zadren was on my other side, pinning me between them, his hands burning my hips through my skin-tight clothing. “We expected an equal entourage,” he said, his breath warm on my neck, “but as you prefer to work alone…”

The sound I made was almost a whimper. It should have been a protest, I knew that, but the very last thing my body wanted was to tell them no, professionalism be damned.

The ambassador and his assistant clearly took my lack of protest as consent, and who was I to argue, when every bit of my training involved making connections with other species, no matter how alien their customs. More importantly, I didn’t want to argue with the press of hot bodies against mine, the hands caressing me through my clothes. I’d never had an opportunity like this before; I wasn’t passing up the chance to offer up my virginity to two of the most gorgeous alien males I’d ever seen.