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The Sea King’s Service

Cordova Skye


Innocent Rhea dreams of a life in the ocean waves, but she doesn’t expect the god of the sea himself to hear her wishes…or to whisk her away from land and claim her for his own.

Now, the Sea King wants her to serve him in the most intimate way possible, and Rhea is more than happy to offer her untouched body, and let him fill her fertile womb with his potent seed.

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Waves rose above her hips, stroking her stomach, and the sandy ground beneath her grew precarious. Rhea gasped, another moan escaping at the sensation of water teasing across her skin, droplets splashing up onto her tight nipples, the pull and push against her flesh like an invitation. Her entire body tensed at the caress of the waves, as if she could feel every inch of her skin with a heightened awareness. She moaned again, quim squeezing tight as she stroked herself, fingers eagerly touching herself while the ocean itself seemed to tease the sensitive pearl of her pleasure until, at last, the combined touch pushed her body over the edge into a trembling climax.

She panted, muscles relaxing slowly while the waves washed away the traces of her passion, the touch of the cool water strangely intimate. Rhea breathed deeply, sated yet not, small tremors of release still running through her limbs. She plunged into the next wave, letting the ocean embrace her fully; her skin shivered in the currents flowing beneath the surface, her whole body feeling alive in a way she’d never imagined.
She could happily stay here, in the open freedom of the water, forever, she thought, diving beneath the waves, reveling in the heightened awareness of her essential femininity, the primal needs she had never before fully recognized in herself.

Do you offer yourself in truth? The question filled her, surrounded her, carried on the murmurs of the wind and the whispers of the waves. Around her, the ocean warmed, embracing her with the gentle tug of the currents beneath the surface. Would you truly remain?