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Paying the Troll

Trollrotica – 3

Dani Barbados




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It’s been four years since Amy was introduced to a world where fairy tale monsters were real… four years of college, part time jobs, and boyfriends who just aren’t cutting it. Back home once more, Amy could use a break and a little fun.

Lucky for her, there’s a bridge with a troll, and a toll that she’s only too happy to pay – on her terms, this time, and she wants it hard, unprotected, and every way she can think of. Fairy tales aren’t just for kids, and Amy’s ready for all the fantasy she can get.

With over 8000 words of hot, sexy action, this adults-only story puts the troll’s stamina to the test!


He was massive, all gangly limbs and gray-blueish skin, a nightmare monster face dominated by piercing red eyes that almost glowed in the shadows. He swept upwards, pushing his sharp nose into the crease between her tits as he breathed her in, his long tongue slipping out to graze the underside of her breast. Amy shuddered, her skin prickling at his touch and heat pouring in a flood between her legs. Impossible, she thought wildly as she always had, ugly and inhuman, and he should have been terrifying but like all the other times after the first rush of surprise dimmed… fuck, he was tall enough to make Amy, whose legs went on for miles according to most of the men she met, feel small, his hands could wrap clear around her waist with room to spare, he had a shoulder to waist ratio never seen on mortal man, not even in Hollywood, made of pure solid muscle, and a cock to match. Monstrosities and impossibilities didn’t seem all that important in comparison.

What was important was that tongue trailing down her bare stomach towards the waist of her shorts, the calloused hand engulfing and kneading her breast, and the cold, damp rock pressed up into her back. Amy drew in a breath and slapped both hands to those immovable broad shoulders, the troll’s skin shockingly warm, rough and pebbled, beneath her palms. “No!”

The troll’s voice was reminiscent of the rocks he sprang from, deep and rumbling. “Ya cross da bridge,” he told her, his voice thrumming through her skin, “ya got to pay da toll.” The top button her jean shorts popped loose, snipped clean off between his sharp teeth, the zipper popping open. Amy sucked in a sharp breath, pressing back further into the wet rocks in surprise, then couldn’t bite back a moan as the troll’s long, agile tongue slipped down into her shorts, licking a damp stripe over the top of her shaved cunt. He painted a line of saliva back up to her navel, bright red eyes peering up at her, and she could feel his grin against her belly. “But ya know that. Ya’ve been here before. Recognize your scent.”