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Troll-House Morsels

Dani Barbados


Tessa’s made a lot of trips across the bridge, and she’s starting to feel a little worn down. A quick trip down the mountain for supplies brings her the solution to her problem in the form of Amy and Ginny, two hot young women who want a break from the boredom of their small town lives. Lucky for them, there’s a huge, hard troll more than ready to fill them with all the excitement they can take.

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The girl stumbled, too boneless to catch herself and only Tessa's quick grab kept her from landing in the mud. It left Tessa with an armful of half naked girl pressed hot against her tits. Ginny, soft and warm, her expression dazed, pupils blown wide and dark; pheromones, it had to be, in the troll's scent and saliva, and Ginny's heavy breasts were slick and shining where he had licked her. Her hands were full of temptingly bare skin, and she knew what came next; mixed with the musky masculine scent of the troll that permeated the damp air beneath the bridge, the combination stoked a familiar ache between Tessa's legs. She brought her hands up, cupping Ginny's rounded globes, and the girl moaned, her jean clad ass bumping back against Tessa's cunt.

The troll had his face buried between Amy's more modest breasts, her bra discarded among the scraps of her shirt. The tall girl hung limp in his grasp, shuddering as his tusks grazed her skin. Tessa could hear his deep inhalations and involuntarily tightened her arms around Ginny, ducking her head to be able to whisper into the younger woman's ear - "He can smell it on you. Arousal, how much you want it. He can smell it on your skin."

Ginny moaned again, leaning back heavily against Tessa. From her vantage Tessa could watch the girl pull her lower lip in between her teeth, worrying at the gloss stained flesh as she watched her friend in the hands of a monster. Amy gave a small cry as he covered most of one entire breast with his mouth, sucking, and in Tessa's grasp Ginny whimpered softly.