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Troll-House Morsels

Trollrotica – 2

Dani Barbados




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Tessa’s made a lot of trips across the bridge, and she’s starting to feel a little worn down. A quick trip down the mountain for supplies brings her the solution to her problem in the form of Amy and Ginny, two hot young women who want a break from the boredom of their small town lives. Lucky for them, there’s a huge, hard troll more than ready to fill them with all the excitement they can take.

This book contains 6000+ words of hot, explicit action intended only for adults over 18. Includes includes oral, girl on girl, and a monster giving it to them hard and deep.


The troll’s mouth split in a grin, a terrifying flash of teeth and tusks, and for one moment his demonic eyes met Tessa’s with all the sharp gleam of intelligence that was hidden behind his monstrous appearance. He knew – he knew exactly what she was doing, and the amused twist of his mouth told her what he thought of it, but he’d take her offering this once. Nice, that grin told her and she could almost hear the deep rasp of his voice; ya got good taste, we callin’ ya toll paid for now.

He moved then, shoving Ginny away; the girl stumbled, too boneless to catch herself, and only Tessa’s quick grab kept her from landing in the mud. It freed the troll’s hands to deal with Amy, one quick swipe of his claws shredding her top. Her scream hit a new high, interspersed with the same litany Tessa could remember from her own first crossing of the troll bridge – “No! Nonono, please no, don’t…”