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The Wraith

An Alien in Every Port – 2

Syndie Starr






While hitchhiking across the galaxy to escape her cheating boyfriend, Annabella Rose books passage on The Wraith. Her deluxe accommodations suddenly become creepy and her relaxing trip hot when she discovers her suite haunted by the ghost of the ship’s former captain. Annabella soon learns that alien ghosts come with a lot of sexy advantages.

This story contains graphic alien sex and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


I reached for the soap, a pale blue that exuded the fragrance I’d noticed upon entering the room. Pumping out a generous portion into the palm of one hand, I dipped my fingertips in to test the texture. Nice. Thick and smooth.

Spreading the gel across my fingertips, I attacked my breasts with renewed vigor, smearing the soap across them, squeezing, plumping, enjoying the slick feeling of my own hands gliding across my skin. I stopped at the nipples, applying the soap generously and then leaned up enough to blow across them. I wished for a mouth—moist lips, a hot, wet tongue—to pleasure me, and then I twisted the nipples almost angrily. The sensation—the combination of pain and pleasure made me moan.

I dipped down into the water, scrubbed at my breasts—pinched, squeezed—until the soap was completely gone.
The water splashed around me. Pressure pressed me down until only my head remained above water. I struggled against the force, thrashed against a weight that refused to yield.

Screaming proved just as useless. Something clamped over my mouth; all that emerged were muffled protests.

“Say yes,” whispered a voice in my ear. Something wet and cold followed the words inside, sliding around the outer ear canal before retreating to trace the curve of my ear. “Or, no.” The weight released me. “The choice is yours, human.”