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The Forest God’s Rite

Bride of the Gods – 2

Cordova Skye




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Wren knows well the dangers of the old forests all around her people. She has never strayed from the path… until now.

Caught in the grip of the forest’s ancient magic, she enters into the realm of one of the old gods of the land – a god who will claim her innocence, body and soul, her fertile purity offered up in exchange for all that her family takes from the forest. By the oldest rules she has the chance to deny his claim, but will she?

For if she gives in to her newfound desires she will be lost to the human world… but ascend as the mate of a god.

This book contains 5000+ words of hot, explicit action intended only for adults over 18.


Wren’s knees gave, and only the solid grip on her arms prevented her from falling. An old god; she had stumbled into the lair of something older, more powerful and wild, than she could properly comprehend, and she knew only one thing: that such encounters never ended well for her kind.

The old god grinned down at her, teeth surprisingly sharp against his staglike features, and Wren’s eyes went wide at the sight. It made him laugh, strong hands spinning her in place, so that her back was trapped against his torso and she could feel the hard press of his member against her back.

“What’s wrong, little human?” His voice was deep, rumbling through her body, sending tremors that had nothing to do with fear through her. “Are you afraid now, having ventured so deep into my territory?” His hands came up to cup her breasts through her bodice, thumbs rubbing against the fabric and sending alien sensations through her body. “Or is is it something else that makes you tremble?”