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The Earth King’s Bounty

Bride of the Gods – 1

Cordova Skye




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Every year a Bride is chosen – untouched, beautiful, her purity offered to the god of the fertile fields to ensure a bountiful harvest and her people’s prosperity for another year. Ninia is this years Bride, with the heavy burden of pleasing the god with the innocence of her body.

The god of the fields is more than she ever imagined, however. Her divine husband for one day, in exchange for the blessing of a year – but can Ninia dare to ask for more? Will she dare to dream of being his Queen in truth? To become the equal of a god who will have to claim her, body and spirit, before he can take her as his own.

This sizzling short is over 7000 words of sexy, fertile fun, with Ninia being pursued, plowed, and passionately filled.


“Come to me, Earth King!” Ninia called, with a flirtatiousness in her voice she had never heard before. The ritual words were suddenly imbued with a force and meaning they had not carried when she learned them, drilled into her mind as if, at the appointed time, she might forget, as if they were not the most natural thing in the world. “Come to me, my husband! Come know your bride!”

Power gathered around her, invisible, powerful as a gale wind but gentle as the early spring breeze that caressed her bare skin. The air turned to stillness, while the sense of power grew, prickling the skin of her arms. An ox-length away, the ground shifted, as if disturbed by some small burrowing animal, then, with no further warning, the tilled soil fountained upward, a geyser of earth that solidified into a pillar, then into the rough shape of a man.

Ninia watched, unable to look away, her heart quickening. The rough shape took form before her eyes, broad and tall, dwarfing every man she had ever laid eyes upon. Rough dirt softened into flesh, a few shades lighter than the ground which formed it. Eyes blinked open in the perfectly-formed face, deep and verdant green. Vines erupted from his bare scalp, falling down his back in a wild cascade that the elaborate braids on her own head poorly echoed. Between his thighs, a root protruded, reshaping itself into erect flesh, while around it tiny tendrils drew and coiled into tight curls.

At last, no pillar of earth stood before her, but a man. Ninia’s eyes drank him in, beautiful and proudly erect, brimming with life-giving power, fully human in appearance for all that he was often depicted as half-beast. There was nothing of humanity in his eyes or the force crackling the air around him, though.

“Bride.” The Earth King’s voice was a rumble, deep as mountain stones shifting together. “Come to me. Know my bounty. Let us usher the harvest in.”