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Taken Under the Troll Bridge

Trollrotica – 1

Dani Barbados




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When you cross a bridge, you’ve got to pay the troll…

When Tessa’s handsome, sexy boss asks her for a favor she’s hoping for something a little more up-close and hands-on… not virtual exile to a mountain cabin for a paid vacation far from the city. Her boss better realize he’s lucky he’s so hot, because roughing it in the country was not supposed to be part of the deal.

Monsters out of nightmares were definitely not supposed to be part of the deal, but fairytales may not be for children’s books. The old bridge leading to the cabin has a caretaker, and a troll bridge always demands a toll, one Tessa may just be all too happy to pay.

This 4,000+ word book contains graphic erotic scenes between a woman and a monster.


One silent step, then another, easing herself around to go back the way she had come, the bridge seeming to grow longer with every frantic pound of her heart.

A big hand caught her before she had covered half the distance, startling a scream from her. Tessa tried to wrench free, but it was no use; the hand was huge, massive fingers wrapping around her upper arm with length to spare. A blue-clad arm snaked around her waist as she stamped back, trying to find toes to crush under her heel, fists beating uselessly at anything she could reach.

It felt like she was punching the stone bridge itself.

The grip on her shifted, and her attacker lifted her effortlessly and spun her around, to face something out of a nightmare. What she had taken for a blue shirt was blue skin, lightly mottled and freckled, stretched across a broad expanse of heavily muscled chest. Above, short tusks framed a sharp toothed grin, and red eyes glowed beneath a tangled mass of red hair. Tessa’s breath caught in her throat, her heart racing, her mind frozen with the sheer impossibility of what was in front of her. It had to be a mask, but it wasn’t; she could see the faint gleam of sweat on his skin, the faint wrinkles around those inhuman red eyes.