Taken 54 Times
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Taken 54 Times

Shameless Book Bundles – 11

Haven Moorcox, Scarlett Skyes, Candy Quinn, Cecilia Lawrence, Sasha Shivers, Saffrom Sands, Maxine Clematis, Zoe Morrison, Karly Dalton, Tori Westwood





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How many could you handle? Two? Three? A dozen muscular athletes? How about trying all fifty-four? The women in these ten stories are taken hard every which way and just when they think it’s over, there’s another man who is just beginning. They are left messy, panting and oh so satisfied!

Sick of boxed sets full of stories you’ve already read before? You’ll love this. This bundle features ten EXCLUSIVE stories that you will not find anywhere else.

Taken 54 Times includes the story “Keeping up Morale” by Haven Moorcox

Melody is fresh from Earth, looking to make her way in space. A temporary gig as a waitress in the station bar gives her a chance to see new things, including the arrival of a ship full of space marines. Does she dare to put herself out there for these rough and ready soldiers? Can she handle them – all of them – if she does?


Realizing I was staring, I ducked my head and hurried to deliver the drinks on my tray. Stay away, the boss had ordered, and I intended to, but it was almost impossible to avoid looking at such gorgeous specimens. Their skin ran the gamut from light to dark, but their bodies moved with a uniform grace and controlled power. Everything about them drew my gaze, and I wondered what those large, strong hands would feel like on my body.

Not that I was going to try to find out, I told myself firmly, blushing as heat tingled through my body. I had never even been with a normal guy, too intent on getting my vocational certification so I could leave Earth to even consider a social life, so there was no possible way I could hope to cope with these better-than-human studs.

Ellie wasn’t having any such problem, even after Doro had ordered us to stay away. She flirted, managing to show off her assets even in the relatively modest uniforms we wore, laughing and joking and wiggling her ass every time she walked away from their table.

All four of them watched her, and I was jealous as hell.