Shameless Submission
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Shameless Submission

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Cordova Skye, Abigail Black, Willsin Rowe, Sasha Shivers, Eliza DeGaulle, Saffron Sands, Karly Dalton, Kimmy Welsh, Zoe Morrison, Phillipa Saint, Scarlett Skyes





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True Masters come from all walks of life, some of them are the very pillars of our society, some of them are in our own homes. What they all have in common is that when they choose you as their submissive, you’re left writhing in ecstasy, bent to their will, and life will never be the same again.

Sick of boxed sets full of stories you’ve already read before? You’ll love this. This bundle features ten EXCLUSIVE stories that you will not find anywhere else.

Shameless Submissions includes the story “Class Discipline” by Cordova Skye.

Jessica DeAngelo has it all – spoiled, rich, and beautiful. She’s always gotten her own way until her father picks a small private university for her, far from the party college she wants. There, she finds that she may not get everything she wants, but thanks to the strong hand of her new Professor she’ll get everything she needs.


His hard expression cracked, just a little, into something that might have been the start of a smirk. I glared; that was not the reaction I expected or wanted. “Are you quite certain of who has rights here, Miss DeAngelo?”

His reaction made me angrier. “Yes,” I snapped, stamping my foot and standing up straighter. I crossed my arms under my full breasts, pressing them upward until they strained against the thing fabric of my top, and in spite of my anger I felt a little smug pleasure at how his eyes traced over them. “I don’t know your credentials, Professor Dalton, but you aren’t teaching some inner city high school where you can push students around. You’re dealing with adults, and I have a right to my property.”

The bastard actually laughed.

“Do you know who my father is?” I demanded. It undermined my whole adult-woman-with-rights argument to invoke Daddy’s authority, but it was almost reflex. And damn it, I wanted my phone back!

“I am very well acquainted with your father, Jessica,” Professor Dalton said, dropping any pretense of formality. “And I know why he sent you here.” Hard, dark eyes swept over my body, and I felt my pulse speed up. “If you call him, you’ll find your rights are quite irrelevant.”