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Served to the Harvest Gods

Ganged and Seeded – 2

Cordova Skye





Barnes & Noble  Excitica


When Lex goes to visit her grandmother’s farm, she’s expecting a quiet vacation and an old-fashioned Thanksgiving. But what her grandmother has in mind is something even more old fashioned: serving Lexi up to the fertility gods of the valley, so that she can bear the next generation of their young.

Lex doesn’t know it, but she’s in for the night of her life…a night that will have belly-swelling results.

This work of erotic horror is over 8,000 words of impregnation, pregnancy, and lactation, as an unsuspecting young woman is given to a group of deities who are interested in only one thing: sowing her fertile field.


One of them reached down, tugging away the flimsy shield of wheat and flowers that she still held. Lex’s arms fell away from it, as unwilling to obey as the rest of her body. Hands immediately circled her wrists, pulling her up into a sitting position so the buttons down the back of her dress could be undone, the bodice folded neatly down to her waist, then the whole of it pulled down over her hips and off, leaving her bare except for her bra and panties.

Those didn’t fare as well. Her panties scraped along her skin, burning halfway down her thighs before they finally gave way to the rough handling and tore. Her bra was sliced open by the swift slice of claws, the lacy fabric parting easily and falling to the sides, letting her breasts bounce free.