Seeding the Rose
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Seeding the Rose

Fertile Fairy Tales – 1

Cordova Skye




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Once upon a time, a cursed beast lived in an isolated manor house…

Innocent Rose only wants a little adventure. Instead, when her father takes her away from their modest home, it’s to turn her over to a monstrous beast, in payment for the flower he took from the creature’s garden.

The beast wants to free himself of his curse by passing it on to his heir. Each night, he takes Rose’s body, his less than gentle attentions awakening a passion in his unwitting guest that she never imagined or wanted.

Rose must agree to bear his child before his monstrous seed can take root in her fertile womb. Will she say yes to her cursed lover? Does she have the courage to give birth to a beast?

Seeding the Rose is a 7000+ word erotic short containing impregnation and inhuman pregnancy. This fairy tale is definitely for adults.


The beast loomed over her, drawing out another scream, his face no less terrible half hidden by shadow. Rose tried to escape and found her hands were bound to the bed, her legs tangled in her skirts.

“Your name, girl?” the creature growled. For a moment she could only sob with fear, and he leaned down, snarling. “Your name!”

“Rose! Oh, oh please let me go, whatever my father did…”

“Rose.” His voice was quieter, thoughtful. “Suitable, yes.” He leaned close, so that she could see his eyes, the glowing gold of a wolf, and smell dust and unwashed fur. He bared long fangs, lips peeling back in a grimace. “Will you bear my child, Rose?”

She recoiled. “The child of a monster? I will never, you terrible beast!”

Her words had no effect. His claws taught her skirt, tearing it to ribbons that cascaded around her, allowing the air to chill her bare thighs.