Seeding Red
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Seeding Red

Fertile Fairy Tales – 5

Cordova Skye




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Once upon a time, a young woman went for a walk in the forest…

Sweet Sienna is more than ready to stray from the path of innocence when she meets a handsome stranger in the woods. This dominant alpha will push her untried, fertile body to the limits, and send her off to Grandma’s house with a belly full of his primal essence.


The stranger’s grin widened, feral and wicked, but when he spoke he said, “I’m terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to…frighten you.”

Sienna huffed, her pride stung. “You didn’t,” she said with as much dignity as she could muster, trying not to think too hard on the sight he must have seen…or how much she’d like him to help re-create her shame. “There’s not a thing in these woods I’m afraid of.”

He took a step closer, two, long, solid strides that drew Sienna’s gaze down in spite of herself. Her eyes caught on the outline of a thick bulge beneath his trousers, and she swallowed hard, transfixed by the sight. “Aren’t you, now?” he asked, his voice smooth and mocking. “A lass like you, alone, fears nothing?”

“I grew up in these woods,” Sienna said, forcing herself to meet his eyes. “And I know every…” her gaze involuntarily dipped down again, making her stammer, “every inch of this place.”

“Do you, now?” He was close, close enough for her to smell the rich, masculine musk of him, close enough to feel the heat of his body…and yet, he still stood on the edge of the path, not crossing the ill-defined line between woods and road. He smiled, eyes intent, voice wrapping warm and soft around her. “Or is it that you would like to know every inch, hmm?”