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Ridden at the Rodeo

Cordova Skye




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Kenzie is a champion at the barrels, but untried in the bedroom. That all changes after an unexpected encounter with Tommy Joe, the brother of her biggest rival and a champion bareback rider in his own right. When Tommy Joe offers to give her a hard and unprotected ride, will Kenzie rise to the challenge? And will his big ride leave his innocent partner with a big belly?


A big hand fell on my shoulder, and I jumped a mile, spooking my horse in the process. I swore and shrugged off the offending hand while I got him settled, then whirled to give my intruder a piece of my mind.

“Goddammit, Tommy Joe!” I snapped, immediately recognizing the smug grin of LeeAnn’s big brother. Tommy Joe, six feet plus of pure muscle and attitude, was a decade older than LeeAnn and had practically raised her while they traveled the rodeo circuit. “What do you even think you were doing? You trying to lame my horse or something?”

I wouldn’t have put that kind of dirty trick past him, but he looked offended at the suggestion. “Geez, Mackenzie, can’t a guy offer congratulations without you biting his head off?”

I scoffed. “I’m sure LeeAnn was just thrilled by my time.”

“Nah, little sis was pissed as hell.” Tommy Joe grinned, and damn it, he had a pretty nice grin. “But I can appreciate a good ride.” He stepped closer, his hands back on my shoulders, and they felt pretty nice, too. And damn it, I’d never noticed before just how his t-shirts molded to his broad chest, or how snug his jeans were, or how good he looked when he wasn’t shooting a protective glare on behalf of his baby sister.

I could feel the heat of him through my thin top, and I just wanted to lean into him and let him fan the fires I hadn’t had time to put out. And he had to know it, I realized; there was no way he’d missed seeing how my nipples were pressed against the tight fabric. I started to blush, and he laughed, leaning in to whisper in my ear, “I bet you appreciate a good ride, too, don’t you Miss Mackenzie?”