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Rendezvous on Cistern

Alien in Every Port – 1

Syndie Starr






After her boyfriend cheats one time too many, Annabella Rose leaves Earth to hitchhike across the galaxy. Her adventure begins on the washed up planet, Cistern, where she discovers that aliens are a lot more fun than anyone ever let on.

This story contains graphic alien sex and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


He had hooves. And horns. Not big ones, mind you, but curved and carved with some sort of strange symbols I’d never seen before. His muscular tail, decorated with bracelets and pierced with rings at the tip, thrashed every time he looked my direction.

He was hot with his cobalt skin, claw-tipped fingers and toothy grin that grew broader whenever our eyes met.

I’d never seen an alien before, but if they all looked like Terrik, I’d forget about that no-good, back-stabbing, cheating boyfriend of mine before we hit the first port.