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Rachel’s Remedial Training

Billionaire Breeding Club – 2

Cordova Skye




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Pretty young Rachel’s job doesn’t leave much time for a social life, so the sexy secretary has taken to pleasuring herself in the office when she has to work overtime. Unfortunately for her, she’s caught on camera, and brought to the attention of her billionaire boss. Confronted with video of all her dirty deeds, Rachel has to decide just what she’s willing to do to save her job.

Little does she know the full details of her boss’s offer, though…until she finds herself with a bulging belly, and discovers that’s just the way her boss wants her!

This story is over 9000 words of sexy fun, including impregnation, lactation, and belly worship. Intended only for readers over the age of 18.


Behind him, a dark screen set high in the wall flickered to life; the rest of the lights dimmed automatically, until only the slightest glare from the window marred the screen. Rachel had just enough time to think he must use this for presentations, when the blue ‘no signal’ screen was replaced by a grainy color image of…her, with her head thrown back, eyes closed, and her hand…

“Security footage,” Thorpe said, and Rachel was sure he must have seen the horrified shock on her face. “I have several hours of it, gathered over the past weeks.”

Rachel sucked in a choked breath, dropping her eyes from the image of her pinching her own nipples, shirt unbuttoned to display her lace bra. Thorpe made a sharp sound. “Do please keep watching, Miss Morris. This will all be pertinent to our discussion.”

Face burning with humiliation, eyes burred with tears, Rachel looked up again. She had never had any idea there were so many cameras in her workspace; the screen above her showed three simultaneous views, edited seamlessly from one night to another, and though there was no sound, her expression made sound unnecessary. She could almost hear herself panting as she pressed her hips up into her furiously moving hand, the wet sounds of her fingers probing deep, her ragged cry of climax.