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Pierced by Cupid’s Arrow

Holiday Sweets – 1

Cordova Skye





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Curvy Shelby just wants breakfast at her favorite bakery and a chance to check out the bakery’s cute owner, Cal. But Cal has a secret: he’s actually Cupid, god of love…and lust.

During his busiest season, Cupid needs more of the cherubs who act as his assistants, and to create them, he needs a mate. He’s had his eye on Shelby’s curves since the first time she visited his bakery, and the approach of Valentine’s Day gives him the perfect opportunity to make her his, body and soul.

Celebrating the holiday of love with Cupid involves more than Shelby ever could have realized.

This erotic short is over 3000 words of extreme impregnation involving accelerated pregnancy, body alteration, multiple births, and lactation play.


The bells on the door clanged softly as he secured the lock and flipped the closed sign. Shelby half expected him to take her right on one of the bakery’s little tables, but instead he took her hand and led her through a side door, into a room she’d always assumed was a storage closet but which turned out to be a luxuriously appointed office.

“I’m full of surprises,” Cal said, as if he’d heard her shock. He locked the office door as well, and Shelby felt a distant flutter of concern…or maybe, she decided as his eyes met hers, it was just lust. “For example, how would you feel if I told you I was Cupid?”

“Funny, you don’t look like a tubby infant,” Shelby rasped, in the type of sultry bedroom voice she’d never been able to perfect.

“Eros, if you prefer, then.” Cal smiled, peeling off his tight white shirt. “The god of love.”

Shelby gasped, because as he spoke two dazzling white wings faded into view, arching up above his shoulders. She hadn’t eaten yet, so she couldn’t be drugged, but this was beyond over the top, stranger than any seduction she could have imagined.