Opening Bid
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Opening Bid

Nine Month Auction – 1

Cordova Skye




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By the middle of the 21st century, reproduction is yet another commodity controlled by the rich. Fertile young women have few options: enter the lottery, offer themselves to the Church…or put themselves up for auction and hope to be claimed by a wealthy man in search of an heir.

Amber desperately wants a child, but she knows the odds of being granted a reproductive license are slim. Her generous curves failed to capture the attention of the High Church, and at 22, she’s nearly too old for the lottery.

Her last hope is the Auction House. Amber must submit to a medical exam and then put her fertile young body on display to convince the crowd of virile billionaires to bid for ownership of her body and her womb.


Harsh lights illuminated the room, which was matte white on three sides, and gloss black straight ahead. I stepped onto the clearly-outlined circle in the room’s center and faced the black wall, assuming it was some sort of monitor.

No sooner had I taken my place, than I heard the soft hum of an open audio line. I heard my physical description read, complete with my height and weight, and while the auctioneer’s voice was non-judgmental I blushed to hear the numbers spoken aloud.

I didn’t know how the auctions worked, whether there were men physically present in the building – perhaps right on the other side of that dark wall – or if all the bidding was done remotely. My only real connection to it all was the voice of the auctioneer, urging the bidding higher, and instructions which occasionally appeared in white letters on the glossy black surface in front of me. A computerized voice read those instructions to me, presumably for any women who couldn’t read.

Turn around.


Step closer.


That last made me hesitate, face burning hot, but it wasn’t the worst. The worst appeared while my hands were still hesitating on the ties of my skimpy robe, hoping I could avoid obeying.