Just Because You Love Me
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Just Because You Love Me

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Ada Scott, Saffron Sands, Phillipa Saint, Maxine Clematis, Joy M. Koen, Jacqueline Sweet, Cecilia Lawrence, Candy Quinn, Abigail Black, Abbey Foxx, Scarlett Skyes





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It’s the passion that sets the epic romances apart from the rest. The women in this set are left a sweaty quivering-legged mess over and over again by their lovers. After that? A snuggle and breakfast in bed in the morning. For those readers who love the physical expression of love… accept no substitute.

Sick of boxed sets full of stories you’ve already read before? You’ll love this. This bundle features ten EXCLUSIVE stories that you will not find anywhere else.

Just Because You Love Me includes the story “Rules of Evidence” by Dani Barbados, writing as Joy M Koen.

Briana thought she had found Mr. Right – Jonathan is an absolute hunk of a lawyer, tall and built, the perfect gentleman by day and hotter than a blazing fire behind closed doors. It’s the romance she’s always dreamed of… until he suddenly cuts her loose and Briana is left out in the cold. Now Jonathan wants to present his case and Briana will have to decide if his evidence is compelling enough to convince the jury and win him a second chance with her heart.


“I’ve been wanting to do that,” Jonathan said softly, the words breathed hot against her cheek, “since I ran into you in that club.”

Briana’s voice strangled in her throat, surprise and shock still beating too fast through her chest. “Why didn’t you?”

“Because,” he said, pressing soft kisses down along her jaw, “you deserve better than a club hook-up. I want you, not just this.” ‘This’ was emphasized with the heat of his palm engulfing the curve of her ass, the press of his fingers through her jeans making another flare of heat surge through her. It pooled between her thighs and made her whole body tingle, throbbing in counterpoint to the way his words set her heart racing.

Swearing through her teeth, Briana reached past him to flip the deadlock bolt. “You’re not leaving,” she told him flatly when he looked questioningly at her. “Not after that.”

Jonathan’s lips curved up and that little smile, hungry and pleased, had been as different as night and day from his usual happy grins. He pulled her close and there was nothing restrained about his strength then, nothing mild-mannered in how he looked at her as though he could eat her whole. “Whatever you want,” he said, the deep dip in his voice promising to match whatever she might wish for.

He undressed her like she was a priceless present, his mouth trailing after each stripped away item of clothing. Briana lost all pretense of having any control over the situation somewhere between the hot, wet heat of his mouth through the thin fabric of her bra, and when he finally thumbed open the button of her jeans, his mouth tickling her stomach as he kissed across it, making her squirm.

“I’m mad at you,” she told him, her breath coming short and sharp as he kissed a line up her thigh from her knee. His laugh had made goose bumps break out on her skin, her toes curling as he bit gently at her hip. “All that time and we could have been… damn it…”

“We can make up for lost time,” he promised her.