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It Takes a Troll

Trollrotica – 4

Dani Barbados




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Ginny’s little sister Megan has always been the quiet one – the nice one, the sweet one, without any of Ginny’s wild streak or abundant assets. At least, that’s what everyone says, but Megan is sick of being everyone’s little angel and is looking to rebel.

When she nerves herself up to check out a hookup spot Ginny mentioned once, the last thing she expects to find is a crash course in how real fables are, or a monstrous troll who will teach teach her the dangers of fairy tales and demand a toll from her innocent body… one that Megan, finding her own wild streak at last, is happy to pay.

This book contains 11,000+ words of hot, explicit action intended only for adults over 18, including voyeurism, fingering, and a virgin taking it hard and deep for the first time.


“Now,” he told her, those impossible tusks grazing her neck as he inhaled deeply along her skin, “there be one more thing. Can ya guess?”

Yes, and it’s huge, Megan thought wildly, but the troll was just holding her flush against him, his hands playing over her breasts, not rutting up against her ass. It was too easy of an answer and she dimly remembered from fairy tale books that it was never easy, there was always a trick, something to keep the hapless human ensnared…

She was, she realized, staring right at it, stretched out in old weathered stone. “I have to cross the bridge to get home,” she said, licking her lips. “And…”

“And?” the troll prompted when she hesitated, his thumbs rubbing over her nipples in lazy, utterly distracting circles.

“And then I have to pay another toll,” Megan finished, breathless.