His Taboo Angel

His Angel – 1

Cordova Skye




Barnes & Noble  Excitica


Now that she’s in college, Mark’s little angel has turned into a little brat. It’s always been his job to keep her out of trouble, but when she’s begging for it, what can the man of the house do but teach her a hard and unprotected lesson?

This erotic short is over 3500 words of raw, fertile fun betweeen step-siblings. For mature readers only!


I waited up for her the Friday night before finals week, my temper rising with each hour that passed. When she finally staggered in, reeking of drugs and alcohol and the lust of some common frat boy, I was there, looming in the darkness.

Angela let out a little scream, then a shaky laugh. “Mark! You scared me!”

“You should be more scared of the results partying instead of studying will have on your grades,” I said sternly.

“Grades,” she said; in the dark I couldn’t see her roll her eyes, but I knew she had. “It’s community college, it doesn’t matter.”

“For some of us, community college was all we could aspire to,” I said in a hard voice. “If I had wasted my opportunity, I would never have been able to successfully take over Father’s business when he died.”

“Well, good for you. I don’t have a business to inherit, though, and how I spend my time is none of your business.”

Angela never would have spoken to me that way sober. I knew it, but my hands still tightened on the stiff leather of my belt, and I grit my teeth until my jaws ached. “While you live under this roof, you will maintain a certain decorum,” I snapped. “And if you can’t manage any self-discipline, then it will be my job to discipline you.”

“God, Mark, get over your…”

She didn’t get any farther; I spun her around and delivered a sharp smack to her backside. I expected to hit cloth, but her short skirt had ridden up so far her ass was bare, and my palm stung against her soft flesh. The touch of her skin on mine was like fire, and I couldn’t stop myself; my hand groped in the darkness, exploring the smooth globes of her ass, running down her thighs.