Cupid's Candy
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Cupid’s Candy

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Cordova Skye




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Late-bloomer Candace doesn’t think there’s any reason to be excited about Valentine’s Day. The innocent freshman has no idea how desireable her untouched, fertile body has become…until Cupid takes a personal hand in matters. He’ll introduce his sweet Candy to godlike pleasure and forbidden passion, then fill her to the brim with his potent seed.


He reached up, stroking her cheek, and she found herself leaning into the touch of his hand. “I’m Eros. But you’re probably more familiar with the name Cupid.”

Candy opened her eyes. “Cupid? Like…” She gestured with the hand he’d released. “Fat babies with arrows?”

He laughed. “Cupid,” he said, the amusement in his voice flowing around her like warm honey, “like the God of Love.”

The way he said love was like an electric shock straight down her spine to her clit, making her squeeze her thighs together. She wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anyone or anything, wanted his hands to explore every intimate inch of her body. She barely even heard him when he said, “Though there will be babies involved.”

“Mmm-hmm,” she murmured, leaning into his hand.