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Campus Tour

Haven Moorcox





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When I decided to take the summer before my nineteenth birthday to tour small universities and pick just the right one, I never imagined I’d get lucky at my first stop. Jamal, the guide assigned to show me around campus, is big, black, and oh-so-sexy, and he’s happy to give an innocent country bumpkin like me some special attention.

Even better, he has a frat house full of gorgeous black studs eager to initiate me into college life.

My days of innocence are behind me, and I just know Jamal and his fraternity brothers will give me all the education I can handle…hard, deep, and very unprotected.


“It’s a game that best played by people who know each other and not with people you just met,” Jamal said pointedly, glaring at James.

“Say what you have to say to keep your job,” James joked.

“Has playing with a newbie ever worked out well?” Jamal asked seriously.

James spread his big hands, shrugging. “Fair enough, dude.”

I looked at James’s hands. They were big and strong, maybe bigger than Jamal’s, and I suddenly remembered giggling high school rumors about how you could tell the size of a guy by the size of his hands. I looked from one big black stud to the next and realized I would never have a better chance to test that old wives’ tale. “I want to play. Where should we go?”