Things That Bump in the Night
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Things That Bump in the Night

Dani Barbados




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There’s something strange, and it feels so good…

An increase in paranormal activity can mean only one thing: get into the ghost elimination business before everyone else. The smart, sexy young women of Laying Spirits have done just that, but now they’ve encountered a ghost who’s immune to their bountiful charms.

Sweet, innocent Anna just has to spend one night in a haunted house, and her college tuition is paid in full. Just one night at the sensual mercy of the house’s previous owner. Her untouched body will lay his spirit to rest… and both Anna and the ghost will have the time of their life… and afterlife.


His clothing was no longer just a vaguely sketched outline; like the rest of him, it was now nearly opaque, and looked like something from the 1800s. “Please, sir,” I said, hoping he’d expect me to be shy and respectful, that the tremor in my voice would work for me. “Please, tell me what you’d like me to do.”

His other hand tangled in my hair, and he pulled me close, kissing me. I stiffened in shock, prepared to be disgusted as he pressed my lips open and thrust his tongue into my mouth, but the kiss, like his hands, felt cool and misty. I closed my eyes, relaxing into it, trying to forget what he was and just feel.

He finally broke the kiss, and I looked up at him, hoping for an indication of how to make him continue. The gaunt, cadaverous face had filled out, I realized; he was still pale and faintly luminescent, but he now looked more like he must have when he was alive.

If ghosts were limited to what they’d been like in reality, Mr. Calhoun had probably made his wife – or whoever – very happy back in his day. A classic clean-shaven square jaw, broad shoulders, trim waist; he’d kept himself in shape, and the suit he wore emphasized every inch. That, I thought a little wildly, was why rich people had their clothes tailored, because nothing off the rack looked that good or fit so perfectly, his pants molded over strong looking thighs and the very prominent bulge between them.