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Bulging for the Swim Team

Bulging for Him – 3

Cordova Skye




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When I started swimming to work off my Freshman 15, I never imagined I’d wind up spending more time oggling the guys on the college’s swim team than burning calories.

Lucky for me, Aaron and Josh – the team’s hunky co-captains – noticed me watching. They planned a special workout that would get my heartrate up more than just swimming laps…especially when I found out these two best friends share EVERYTHING, and my fertile, curvy young body was on that list.

Then the rest of the team got in on the action…

Now I’ll just have to see if their hard and unprotected workout can replace my ice cream thighs with a baby bump.

This erotic short is 6000 words of sizzling hot, hard and unprotected team spirit.


“Hi. I’m Aaron. I couldn’t help but notice you spend a lot of time around the pool.”

“Umm, yeah.” I blushed harder, fumbling with my towel as I tried to hide my thighs. “Bethany.”

“Bethany,” he repeated, with the panty-dropping smile of my fantasies. “I like it. It’s pretty, like you.”

“Thanks.” I gathered my scattered wits, trying not to blow this by being a conversational lump. “You’re captain of the swim team, right?”

“Co-captain,” he corrected. “Josh is my partner in crime.” He waved one hand in the direction of the pool, and I looked over to see Josh lounging with his elbows on the edge and his eyes on us. “We’ve kind of been watching you.”

Instantly, I felt my face grow red hot again. “Oh?” I asked in a strangled voice.

“Yeah. You seem really…dedicated…showing up here every single day. We have guys on the team who aren’t as reliable as you. So we thought maybe you’d be interested in joining us? For some special workout sessions.”

Me? With the two of them? Oh, he didn’t have a clue how interested I was!