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Bulging for the Professor

Bulging for Him – 4

Cordova Skye




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I’ve never been that kind of girl, but when I discover the biology professor I’ve had a crush on all semester lives right next door to where I’m housesitting, the opportunity is too good to pass up. The right clothes, some makeup, and surely he won’t recognize the quiet little mouse from the back of the class.

No harm in that, right?

The last thing I expect is for this dominant older man to recognize me, and decide my extracurricular activities require a hard and unprotected lesson in human reproduction.

This 6000+ word short is an advanced lesson in human biology.


I stretched out on the chaise lounge and propped my biology text book on my knee. Bio was my worst class by far, but not because of the subject matter. The problem was the professor. Dr. Kingston had to be at least fifty, with close-cropped silver hair and a rich baritone that filled the entire classroom when he lectured. His suits were all carefully tailored, and from the way he moved I had no doubt the trim body underneath was equal to any of the frat house jocks on campus. It made paying attention in class all but impossible, the professor’s lectures lost in my fantasies of what I’d like him to do to me.

Even now, thinking of why I was stuck cramming over the weekend rather than enjoying it brought a familiar tingle between my legs. I tried to ignore my body’s demands; I needed to study, and I was outside, even if the yard was surrounded by high walls and hedges. I bit my lip, looking around the empty grounds, the shivery feeling in my stomach growing. Who’d expect sweet, shy little Emily to touch herself, right out in the open where anyone could see?

I squeezed my legs together and set the text book aside, heart pounding. I half expected someone to scold me the second I slipped my hand into my shorts, but nothing happened, and no one magically appeared. I wiggled against my hand, feeling my cheeks flush even though I was alone. I never would have dreamed of doing this back home, but I felt deliciously naughty and sexy stretched out by a pool in sunny California.

It was all too easy to fall into a fantasy about Dr. Kingston. In my mind, we were in a lab instead of the usual lecture hall, all the better for him to spread me over one of the big, sturdy lab tables. I arched back against the chaise and pictured him standing over me, pressing my back against the glossy black surface, pretended his hand and not mine was rubbing hard fingers against me. His eyes pinned me with an intense gaze, the kind he got when he was lecturing, and I felt like he could see all of my forbidden desires, the things I desperately wanted him to do.

I moaned softly, bucking up against my hand. If only I had the nerve to pursue him the way I’d seen other girls flirt with the professors, I’d happily give him my virginity and anything else he wanted, to hell with propriety and the school’s rules.