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Bulging for the Coach

Bulging for Him – 2

Cordova Skye




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I never had a crush on my gymnastics coach. At least, not until I found myself over the hill at twenty and about to be cut loose in favor of still-rising stars. I knew I had to do something desperate to get Coach Mike’s attention firmly back on me.

I’m in for my toughest meet ever as I try to get Mike to see me not as the girl he trained, but as a woman. Luckily, my tight, fertile and untouched body is more than up to that task, but am I flexible enough to take everything he has to offer?

This erotic short is over 5000 sizzling words of no-holds-barred action for mature readers.


Mike never swore, but before I could congratulate myself on breaking his composure, big hands caught me and yanked me off my perch. I yelped a little, trying to relax into the fall, but it wasn’t one; Mike’s hands were on my waist, holding me effortlessly against him.

The most natural thing in the world, I discovered, was to wrap my legs around his waist and kiss him.

He turned his head so my kiss landed on his cheek, but he didn’t put me down. Instead, he tightened his grip on me, hands shifting just a little closer to my ass. “What are you playing at, girl? What’s gotten into you?”

I slid my arms around his neck and pressed myself a little harder against him, to make sure he could feel the hard peaks of my nipples and the wet heat of my needy cunt through his shirt. “I’m not a little girl anymore,” I pointed out, taking advantage of his turned head to whisper in his ear. “And I can tell you what I’d like in me.”