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Bride of the Goblin King

Ganged and Seeded – 1

Cordova Skye





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Plunge into a nightmare…

Average. That was Nikki’s life until the fateful night she left a Halloween party with something…other than human. Before she knows it, her simple club hookup has turned into something else, and she is trapped in another world, where her future – and body – belong to the Goblin King.

Bride of the Goblin King is a 6000 word work of erotic horror intended for adults 18+ due to disturbing situations and graphic depictions of sex.



The order came from a deeper voice than she had yet heard, and it was meant for her, not for the goblins fondling her. Nikki’s throbbing body went limp at the command, a toy for the goblins to play with. She could barely turn her head enough to look at the source of the voice: a tall man, green skinned and feral like the goblins who had taken her, but tall and broad chested, his hair combed into a dark mane, his broad chest bare and his slender hips and muscular thighs encased in tight fabric that did nothing to conceal the impressive size of his member.